We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution

he primary goal of "We the People: The Citizen and the Constitution" is to promote civic competence and responsibility among the nation's elementary and secondary students. What makes this program so successful is the design of its instructional program, including its innovative culminating activity.

Classroom Curriculum

The foundation of the program is the classroom curriculum. It complements the regular school curriculum by providing upper elementary, middle, and high school students with an innovative course of instruction on the history and principles of constitutional democracy in the United States. The textbooks are designed for a wide range of student abilities and may be used as a supplemental text or for a full semester of study. Critical-thinking exercises, problem-solving activities, and cooperative-learning techniques help develop intellectual and participatory skills while increasing students' understanding of the institutions of American constitutional democracy. After studying the textbook, students take a multiple-choice test and prepare for the simulated congressional hearing which is the culminating activity for the program. The entire class, working in cooperative teams, prepares and presents statements before a panel of community representatives who act as congressional committee members.


On February 14, 2019, five high schools in Utah participated in the state mock congressional hearings at the University of Utah, with an awards luncheon following the competition.  Sky View/Green Canyon won the competition, with Mountain Crest High School placing second and Alta High School third.  Sky View/Green Canyon and Alta High Schools competed at We the People Nationals in Washington, D.C.  Sky View/Green Canyon placed first for Unit 2 at nationals.  Congratulations!

Sky View Green Canyon HS first place WTP state 2019 2

On February 7, 2019, five junior high schools participated at the state mock congreessional hearings at the Utah State Bar Law and Justice Center.  West Jordan Middle School was the winner, with Oak Canyon Junior High School placing second and Central Davis Junior High School third.

Community members serving as judges for the High School and Junior High School State Competitions may view videos of the judging process at  http://new.civiced.org/wtp-the-program/hearings/judges-resources.


High School WTP Testimonial--Whitney
Utah We the People Promotional Video


Teacher Training Videos

         High School Training Part 1
         High School Training Part 2

          Jr High Training Video


Five Classroom sets of the We the People. . . the Citizen and the Constitution will be awarded to teachers in each Congressional District wishing to participate this year.  Teachers should contact their Congressional District Coordinator listed above.  Classroom sets also may be purchased from the Center for Civic Education.  Its web site is www.civiced.org