“I started mock trial my freshmen year of high school, I was introverted and absolutely terrified of public speaking. The idea of presenting a mock trial case in front of a real judge or attorney was really intimidating. I largely attribute my ability to calmly present my thoughts on anything, whether it be a discussion with a classmate, a friend, or meeting with a professional, to Mock Trial. However, one of the most important skills was how to truly be a team member. I learned I had to rely on my team, and my team relied on me.

Mock Trial was probably the most fun I had in high school. I have a very analytical mind. I like structure and rules. Mock Trial has plenty of those. What I did not expect was the creative side of Mock Trial. Finding a way for evidence to be admitted or to exclude part of a witness' testimony. I was able to use rules and my analytic brain in a creative fashion, and I use that skill every day in my studies.  To creatively problem solve, using the skills and abilities I gained in Mock Trial have prepared me for college and my future.”
- Past Mock Trial Student

“I learned so much and grew as a person that in the end, the experience was more than worth the work regardless of the score. I love America’s legal system.”
- 10th grade student

“How can one put a price on this type of experience? How can anything compare to this? Soccer? Any sport? Any other activity? To read, write, discern, speak, learn to think on one’s feet, look at angles of situations, and to work on developing these traits in these formative teen aged years is more valuable than most things. The experience learned from working with talented and generous attorneys, judges and volunteers across the board has been most gratifying. My daughter has grown so much in her writing, speaking and confidence in all areas. I see the benefits bleeding into all aspects of her life now and in a most assured future.”
- Mock Trial Parent

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